Dot Com Pho: Happy Pho Edition

The Vancouver Dot Com Pho crew have been going to a place that they like to call “Happy Pho” for some time, but now it looks like the name is official! Also, what does Minna Van have to do with it? All this and more and this week’s video!

Our friend Vance has two extra videos from the Vancouver Dot Com Pho too. Check out the Breffo Spider Tablet and getting metal under the skin!

Update: The Breffo Spiderpodium review is now up on MTN!

Dot Com Pho Seattle: Five Spice Edition

John Chow is joined only by The Subaru Guru Joe in the Seattle take on Dot Com Pho. John tests out the GF2 and eats some not very spicy chicken.

3 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho: Happy Pho Edition

  1. Hey Michael,

    I’m glad the Happy Pho is now officially called Happy Pho at least as part of their website domain.

    It was fun there yesterday wasn’t it? You even managed to do a product review. That Breffo Spider Podium Tablet is grossly overpriced in my opinion and it’s kind of shaky when you put your iPad in it. It kind of amplifies any movements around it.

    I look forward to hearing more about the shot gun directional mike that Stephen showed us.


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