Dot Com Pho: CBC Documentary Edition and Made in the USA Edition

Today was a very special episode of Dot Com Pho in Vancouver, because they were joined by the CBC Documentary team. A special feature on the Vancouver social media scene is being produced and they wanted to feature Dot Com Pho!

Also in the episode is a discussion on why credit cards aren’t evil, plus Michael shows off the LG Optimus 3D Android smartphone as the gadget of the week!

John Chow continued his chapter of Dot Com Pho in Irvine, California too. They do a speed test on Verizon’s 4G network and showcase the only product that is still made in the USA.

5 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho: CBC Documentary Edition and Made in the USA Edition

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  2. It was fun to see CBC TV film the Dot Com Pho lunch and doing interviews with the long timers.

    I wonder how you enjoyed your interview. I’d love you to comment about it also on my blog where I write more about the event.

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