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What exactly is Dot Com Pho? It’s a weekly gathering of online professionals, professional bloggers, and other people who are interested in making money on the Internet. They all get together to discuss the latest happenings on the ‘net, what’s going on in the real world, and how to best enjoy the dot com lifestyle over a piping hot bowl of Vietnamese pho noodles. And an iced coffee. You can’t forget about the iced coffee.

So, who attends Dot Com Pho? Some of the regulars of the Dot Com Pho crew include the following:

Michael Kwan Michael Kwan is a freelance writer, focusing primarily on tech reviews and online features. You can check out his blog at Beyond the Rhetoric. He is a proud gadget geek, a fighting games fanatic, and a thinker who thinks he thinks too much. But that’s okay. Writers are allowed to think. At least I think so.
John Chow is a damn fine person, friend of the community, Ultimate Fighting Championship contestant, member of the Save the Whales Foundation, the man who controls the black market on baby seal pelts and member of the “probably yo’ daddy” foundation. Learn how to make money online at JohnChow.com.
Ed Lau Ed Lau was part of Dot Com Pho before it was even called Dot Com Pho. These days, he spends all his time being awesome. In addition to his awesoming, Ed enjoys photography, travel and live music. A life-long student, he finally graduated recently and is embarking on finding out what he wants out of life. Check him out at the.[ED]ition.
Stephen Fung Stephen Fung is the man with the iron stomach. Or at least it seems that way, as he is known to polish off five-pound burritos and 12-egg omelettes like nobody’s business. He’s also a computer geek at heart, running Futurelooks for a number of years. You know, between diaper changes of course.
Aaron Koo Aaron Koo first made his splash on the Internet as Chef Koo, but he has since moved on to other endeavors. He manages your financial planning. He’s also not at all afraid to voice his opinion on just about anything. All you have to do is ask.
Michael Zahora Michael Zahora makes the hour and a half commute to Dot Com Pho each week from the resort town of Whistler. When not pho-ing it up, Michael runs ImageGuy.com, a site dedicated to photography, videography, and all the cool stuff that comes along with the territory.
Vance Sova Vance Sova is fascinated with everything to do with technology and making money online. On his own blog, he writes extensively about social media, Internet marketing, list building, and more. You’ll also notice that he is very active on YouTube, posting up videos from all around the world on a regular basis. Dinosaurs to pho, he shoots them all.
Leo Chiang describes himself as an “actor, stunts, not pretty enough to be a model.” You may recognize him as the tattooed pilot from Battlestar Galactica, as well as some other random roles in movies and television shows. Find out more about Leo Chiang on his personal blog at LeoChiang.com
Gary Ng is the inspiring “iPhone Fan” behind iPhoneinCanada.ca. Gary was baptized as an Apple fanboy with his acquisition of a 13″ aloo-min-nee-yoom MacBook. Mr. Ng currently resides in Vancouver, and in his spare time enjoys long walks on the beach, candle light dinners, hanging at Costco, and puppies.
gregmorgan Greg Morgan was one of the first people to join the “new” Dot Com Pho and was a key member in the switching to Macs and the iPhone. He does some Internet marketing and in his spare time makes even more money doing various “shady” techniques online. But he won’t tell you about them.

More bios to come. Pho on!

2 thoughts on “About Dot Com Pho

  1. I would like to attend your weekly meetings. I couldn’t find you under the MeetUp umbrella. I found out about you from John Chow. I also have read some of Michael Kwan’s blogs (I like the word, “article” better). I live in North Surrey and like daytime meetings. I have had an online business for 4 years and would love to join you. I made the two websites above by myself. I think you need some more women in your group who appreciate useful tech gadgets!
    Regards, Vicki

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