Dot Com Pho: Live Episode Two!

The livestreaming continued at Dot Com Pho Vancouver with such topics as Aaron Koo’s absence, iPhone 5 problems, and an ultra bling gadget of the week from Tt eSports.

And in the OC Chapter of Dot Com Pho, they talk about how you can automate your dating so you can find the girl of your dreams.

Dot Com Pho – Live Stream Edition

Normally, you have to wait until the Dot Com Pho videos are posted to see what we were up to, but Stephen decided that he’d try to livestream this week’s Pho instead. If you missed the live video, here’s the replay.

John ventured away from Pho Ba Co to go camping at O’Neill Regional Park, about a half hour outside of Irvine. He shows how to stay connected without electricity.