Dot Com Pho – The More, The Happier Edition

Everyone once in a while, attendance at Dot Com Pho just explodes. This is one of those times with a total of 17 people at Happy Pho! Check out the $3000 gadget of the week, Lexi meeting Sally for the first time, and a whole lot more!

Speaking of more and merrier, here are four more videos courtesy of Vance Sova:

Dot Com Pho: PlayBook Edition

Tablets are pretty popular these days, so this edition of Dot Com Pho has two tablets for the price of one. Unfortunately, one is far superior than the other.

And over in Seattle, John thought he was going to be all alone at Thanh Vi, but he eventually gets joined by three others for the touchiest and feeliest Dot Com Pho ever.

Dot Com Pho: Amega Wand Test Edition (Vancouver) and We Got Wood Edition (Seattle)

Over in Vancouver, Vance Sova and Aaron Koo put the Amega Magic Wand through three impartial tests to see if it really is effective and, well, you’ll have to watch the video to see if any miracles happen. Check out the older episode for some background on Amega and zero point energy.

And in Seattle, John Chow shows off his new wood. And he wants you to see it at the next tweetup with free food and an open bar.