Dot Com Pho: HD Look Edition

For this week’s gathering, the Dot Com Pho crew made their way to Pho Trang An on Kingsway where they filmed the episode using the new Flip Mino HD. The digital camcorder is supposed to record at 720p widescreen, but with so much compression, the video quality isn’t much better than the regular Flip. In this episode, Stephen Fung describes some subtle anus anise and John Chow gives out some free stuff.

Dot Com Pho: Shout for Donation Edition

The Dot Com Pho crew aren’t just interested in Vietnamese noodles and the ramblings on the Internet. They want to give back to the community as well, so that’s why John Chow recently donated $5,000 to Union Gospel Mission… and he’s rewarding his readers with shoutbacks if they donate to the UGM as well. Success is not about how much money you make; it’s about how much you give.