Dot Com Pho – Stupid Mongolians Edition

Check out this week’s episode of Dot Com Pho, featuring the LG Voyager as the gadget of the week, a torture test for the Corsair 32GB Survivor Flash Drive, John’s upcoming trip to Asia, Bob Buskirk‘s boring life, and something about stupid Mongolians always breaking down our wall. Thank you, Microsoft for sponsoring this week’s lunch.

Dot Com Pho – Super Size Me

Yesterday’s dot com pho get-together was the largest ever, comprised of 16 people in attendance! For more on what went down, check out the video above, as well as these posts from some of the attendees. Anyone is welcome to join us for our weekly lunch, so just contact one of the regulars for more details.

Dot Com Pho is available for sponsorship, so please contact Michael Kwan for further details.